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Our goal is to produce the best hair remvoval products suitable for human skin in the world.
Not to be the biggest.


March 2016, Mr. Lui found a leaflet that was blown to the ground by the wind.

This is about the cost of hair removal.

Cheeks & Nose $279
Nose $219
Upper Lip $119
Upper Lip $119
Chin $119
Upper Arms $129
Lower Arms $129
Underarms $319
Lower or Upper Back $219
Full Legs $399
Upper Arms $219
Lower Legs $219
Bikini $119

Mr. Lui is an electrical automation engineer and has in-depthunderstanding of machines.

He recalled that his wife said: Going to a beauty salon for hair removal is still very useful, but the price is unavoidably a bit painful. If you do it all over the body, it will cost more than 1,000 US dollars, and you have to go to the beauty salon to report regularly and run many times if you want to remove it clean.

He thought: If there is a home hair removal device that can be comparable to a medical hair removal device, and it can be operated at home and the price is not expensive, it would not be very good.

Thinking of this, Mr. Lui immediately looked through various documents and found that the feasibility was very high.

He immediately called his classmates in the university to start research and development together.

Mr. lui is a man of action.

There are household hair removal devices on the market, but the price is still more expensive, and the hair removal handset is very painful and hurts the skin.

They are determined to develop a painless hair removal device suitable for human skin.

So, DSEEbeauty was established.

This is our story, the original intention is so simple.

After 5 years of rapid development, DSEEbeauty’s product line has expanded to medical beauty equipment and home beauty equipment.

DSEEbeauty provides a variety of functional beauty equipment to customers around the world. It is a manufacturing enterprise integrating product development, production and sales. The sales volume of a single device exceeds 1 million.
The R&D department has 25 designers, with more than 30 design patents and 8 utility patents.

In addition, DSEEbeauty have our own laboratory center, which can conduct a full range of tests, including functional parameters, product durability, material safety, device performance, etc.

DSEEbeauty covers an area of 7,000 square meters and now has 10 assembly lines with a daily production capacity of 5,000-10,000 units. Each of our equipment undergoes at least 3 quality checks before delivery.

Under the ISO13485 & ISO9001 medical device quality management system, our products can meet all market standards and have obtained various certificates such as CE, FCC, UL, PSE, and SAA.

The defect rate is as low as 0.03%, and it has become the exclusive supplier of well-known high-tech beauty brands in Japan and Germany.

We at DSeeBeauty are very aware of the significance of our development of hair removal equipment, so we often consult dermatologists to think about what is suitable for human skin from a medical point of view.

We are well aware that the products made by DSeeBeauty not only respect human skin but also give users an inner smile.

Front-end technology does not mean that it is suitable for human skin. We DSeeBeauty develops products from the human physiological structure and makes a hair removal device that does not harm the skin.

At DSeeBeauty, we bring smiles to users.

We at DSeeBeauty also attach great importance to our sales and service capabilities. We often chat with our customers about how to improve our service level. How to serve customers well? It is our top priority at DSeeBeauty.

1. Maintain good communication. 2. Be flexible and flexible. 3. Let him feel the VIP treatment and treat him with care and attach importance to his orders. It is necessary to quote the first time for his inquiry. 4. Know his name, company, and anything discussed with you before. 5. Be honest and responsible. If there is a problem with the order, you should dare to take it, don’t forget responsibility and notify him as soon as possible. It will often give him a big impression.

At DSeeBeauty, we bring smiles to users.

June 2016
The first hair removal device comes out.
November 2016

The design team reaches 5 persons.

February 2017

Developed 10 hair removal devices

May 2017

Added 5 production lines.

November 2017

The design team reaches 10 persons.

March 2018
Dr. Janet Chrow (Dermatologist In Sweden) join DSEE and become our medical consultant.
July 2018

Passed the ISO 9000 quality management system certification.

May 2019
Mr.Manuel Santos(Purchasing Director In Germany) join DSEE and become our Special Sales Consultant.
July 2019
There are 135 employees, 20 designers, 25 sales personnel, and 65 production personnel.
April 2020

2 product categories added: blackhead cleaner, facial steamer

December 2020

Annual sales reached 100 million.

January 2021

The website design team was established.

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