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We hired Mr. Manuel Santos, the purchasing manager in German company, as our Special Sales Consultant, plus our many years of experience in cooperating with purchasing companies in various countries, so we have accumulated rich knowledge of China sourcing, import & export, and eCommerce.
We want to share all these values here.
About China

Do Not Import From China Unless You Read This Article.

Do You Face The Following Problems When Communicating With Chinese Factory? The Factory Is Not Willing To Provide Samples. Imagine if you go to buy clothes, but the store locks the clothes in the cupboard, you can only watch, can’t touch, will you buy it? Obviously not. In the same

About China

A Chinese Tell You The 7 Tricks For Purchasing In China

There is an old saying in China that is called “Often walking by the river, and there are not shoes that are not wet.” The meaning is that even if you do business with Chinese factories all the year round and have more experience in importing from China, or you say “I

About China

“Do I Make Mistakes In Importing From China”

Don’t Understand Chinese Business Culture, You Will Be Difficult In China. I have a client, David, who has worked together for many years. He is an American businessman who has been purchasing air packaging products in Chinese factories by himself. Later, because he was repeatedly deceived, he met me by

About China

Don’t Be Fooled By Sales In China, Our Company Never Self-Boasting

This story is about our colleague, Micheal. His job is after-sales One day after the Spring Festival in 2018, Micheal did not take care of his wife for an hour and resolutely boarded the plane to Canada. Our company was notified that it had to call someone to Canada to

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