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1. Nowadays, many beauty clinics are selling home-use hair removal devices to customers who are serving. While doing hair removal in a beauty clinic, you can also remove hair yourself at home. Two-pronged approach, the hair removal effect is even better. This is equivalent to going to the gym to work out,why buy some home-use device to continue working out.

2. The home hair removal device is marked with the logo of its own beauty clinic, and the customer is equivalent to doing free brand promotion while using it.

3. Not everyone is willing to come to a beauty clinic for hair removal and skin care. The home-use device can be used as a gift for existing customers to come to the clinic for consumption. Customers can give home-use device to their friends and family, which is equivalent to doing a free brand promotion.

4. The customer came to the clinic to do hair removal or skin care, and found that the price is particularly expensive, then you can sell the home-use device to her and let her use it at home first. After all, home equipment cannot be compared with the professional equipment in the clinic. If the customer feels that the home-use device does not work well, they will naturally continue to come to the clinic to use professional equipment and services.

5. The global epidemic is still severe, and many customers are unwilling to come to clinic. Amazon’s home hair removal devices are selling very well, which shows that the home-use device market is a big market. Beauty clinics can market to existing customers, and they can be delivered to their homes for free by express delivery, which also adds substantial income to the beauty clinics.

1. If you don’t have any purchasing experience in China, we can provide a one-stop service. From the logo design to the receipt of the product, you don’t need to worry about the whole process, we will have professionals to handle it.

2. During the whole process, you will be served by at least 7 professionals at DSEE: including but not limited to Account Manager, Designer, Engineer, Financial officer, Project Manager, Production Manager, Logistic Specialist.

3. At that time, we will establish a project group, and we will promptly notify each progress of the entire project in the group and send you an email for confirmation.

4. You only need to give us the order, and let our professional colleagues do the rest. No other expenses are incurred during the whole process.

Yes. A number of hair removal devices developed by us have become Amazon’s hottest models. Many Amazon sellers put their logo in our products and claim that this is unique to them. Actually you can do it too.

1. Facilitate corporate promotion and brand building.

2. Deepen consumer’s impressions, promote consumption, and create beautiful associations.

We have professional designers who can design your logo and offer best solution & styles for your OEM products.

We can provide free samples after the small deposit, 7 days for no reason to return the goods for a refund.

No our logo on the sample, neutral packaging.

Completely free

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