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Do You Face The Following Problems When Communicating With Chinese Factory?

The Factory Is Not Willing To Provide Samples.

Imagine if you go to buy clothes, but the store locks the clothes in the cupboard, you can only watch, can’t touch, will you buy it? Obviously not. In the same way, if you can’t provide enough samples for customers to pick and sell to the end users, how can the customer order you?

The Factory Reacts Slowly.

The market is changing fast, and the competition is fierce. Customers usually offer several companies at the same time. They should be consulted. If you are slow, you will lose business opportunities. Imagine that you send samples to customers through regular mail, and your competitors use express mail to send samples. Then customers may have confirmed samples of others before receiving your samples, or even have placed orders. Can you have a chance? ?

The Mentality Of Quick Success.

When buyers often ask for inquiries from the factory, the first reaction of the factory is that you have an order? What is the quantity? This reflects the fact that when the factory considers the problem, it only considers the profit, but ignores how to obtain it and is unwilling to pay the price. In fact, many orders are to be won through good cooperation between the two sides? This is a long process.

The Factory Is Not Professional Enough.

Do you often encounter such a situation, when you ask the factory for samples, the factory will send samples soon. When you check the samples, what stupid? A few samples, no price, no specifications, no number, even who sent it, are not clear. In this way, the time and energy of both parties are wasted.

An Authoritative Report

The latest research shows that in today’s world trade pattern, trading companies bear one-third of world trade and play an irreplaceable role. In developed countries such as Europe and the United States, a large number of imports and exports of goods are completed through trading companies, and trading companies have become an important way of circulation of goods. 80% of US industrial manufactured exports are completed by trading companies. There are about 60,000 trade agencies in Germany. Most German industrial companies cooperate with them in sales, and 30% of commodity transactions are conducted through trading companies. Japan has passed the import and export of trading companies, accounting for about 80% of the total.

Why Do Customers Like To Work With Traders?

Everyone knows that if the customer purchases directly from the factory, the price will definitely be lower than that of the trading company, but why should the customer prefer to buy the goods from the trading company at a higher price? This is why more and more customers are willing to set up a purchasing department or hire someone to be responsible for purchasing in China.

Reduce Overall Procurement Costs.

Although the price of direct purchase from the factory will be lower than that of a foreign trade company, a customer often needs a variety of products, and sometimes it is difficult to get it from one factory. In order to meet his own needs, he must have enough manpower to deal with different factories, which actually increases his labor costs and offsets the benefits from low-cost purchases, which are very common in daily necessities.

Reduce The Risk Of Cross-Border Transactions.

As a customer, he needs a stable supply channel. After all, he is not an end-consumer, so he needs to be able to purchase at the normal time to ensure normal supply (to his customers). If he buys directly from the factory, once there is a problem with the factory, he is faced with the problem of how to find a replacement: finding a replacement is not easy and takes time, which is the disconnection of the overall supply chain. Trading company procurement is more stable.

Maintain a Balanced Market Order.

In the long history of business, a stable “factory to the trading company to the importer to end-customer” has developed a stable chain. As a customer, he does not want to destroy this structure, which creates instability. After all, it takes time and money to form a new chain.

Get The Best Service.

Trading companies have accumulated a lot of experience in this area due to their long-term foreign trade work.

How Good Is a Trading Company?

Have Professional Business Personnel.

Trade company personnel are professional and have someone to book and follow orders. Professional people do professional things.

Meet The Diverse Needs Of Guests.

Although the trading company does not have its own factory, the factories in China are our factories. The needs of customers are often diversified and individualized. Generally, a single factory is often difficult to meet the needs of customers. Our strength lies in maximizing the advantages of domestic factories to meet the needs of our customers.

Strong Professional Knowledge.

Trading companies like to think about problems from the perspective of the customer. For example, when a foreign company makes a purchase request, they may be in accordance with their own requirements, but for the factory, these requirements may be confusing. At this time, the trading company needs to sort out and communicate with the factory’s more understandable rhetoric. In the same way, the requirements of the factory for foreign businessmen, foreign trade companies will also be able to communicate in a way that foreign companies can understand.

As a Bridge Between Customers And Factories.

The factory is not willing to disclose the problem, the foreign trade company will be fairer to negotiate with foreign companies from the perspective of third parties. Therefore, cooperation between customers and trading companies is also relatively assured.   

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