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Ice Cooling IPL Laser Hair Removal R1083

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Ice Cooling IPL Laser Hair Removal R1083

LED LCD screen/360°ice around

Price Range: $2.99 – $65.99, Monthly Production: 100000000pcs

Additional information

Item No.


Product Name

IPL Laser Hair Removal




Green, Red, White


Quartz tube, Sapphire Ice Freezing



Intensity levels

5 levels

Flash Mode

Automatic, Manual


36W, 3A, DC12V







Device Size


Colorbox Size


Carton Size




Freezing point hair
removal Sapphire

More ice, more
pain-free and

Destroy hair follicles
Deeply penetrate the
skin, destroy the black
halr folles, and the halr
fllcles gradually shrink

Hair shedding
After the halr olllcle
shrinks, the halr In the
pores gradually flls off.

Inhibit growth
Continuous use, long-term
halr suppresslon, smooth
and smooth skln

Gem freezing
point hair removal

No pain, no skin damage

Beauty salon on the
tip of gem hair remover

Natural sheddling
Painless shedding
No black spots
Clean and refreshing

The whole process of ice
removal and synchronization

Gem full Zhou Bing
protection forsensitive muscles

Scientific smooth
Farewell to repeated hair removal

Upgrade gem technology

Accurate irradiation of hair follicle
melanin to delay hair growth from root

Destroy hair follicles
Deeply penetrate the
skin, destroy the black
hair follicles, and the hair
follicles gradually shrink

Hair shedding
After the hair follicle
shrinks, the hair in the
pores gradually falls off.

Inhibit growth
Continuous use,
long-term hair
suppression, smooth
and smooth skin

The whole process

of ice removal and synchronization
Four-sided ice protection for sensitive muscles

The front and rear skin are frozen at
the same time, and the ice surface surrounds
the design, bringing the ice feeling comfortable.

The hair remover at home
is convenientand


Early realization ofmedical andbeauty ice-sensitive hair
removal technology,household miniaturization,
comfortable and painlessmedical and beauty-grade
ice-sensitive hair removalwithout leaving home


”The hair remover at home is
convenient and sanitary.


Early realization of medical
and beautyice sensitive hair removal
technology, household miniaturization, comfortable
and painless medical and beauty-grade ice sensitive hair removal


Intermittent flash
automatic flash

Select the appropriate mode according to the
hair removal needs of each part

Intermittent flash
press-down Flash-Times

Suitable for underarm,
bikini, lip hair and other
small area hair removal

Automatic flash touch
skin sliding with light

Skin-touching sliding
and glowing are suitable
for large area hair removal
of thighs, arms, back, etc.


The whole body can be taken off,
and the skin can be flashedimmediately.
There is noneed to wait foreach flash.


Instant ice, care for the skin, the
whole process of ice care


Select appropriate gears and
care for sensitive parts


Key adjustment to your ideal gear


Three colors are available

Give you different matching mood

Product Parameters

Function: hair removal
Power mode: plug in
Material: Aluminum alloy
Lamp holder: Shi Ying
Refrigeration Technology: Sapphire
Display mode: LED display light
Function key: power switch/gear adjustment
Light wave Coverage area: 3CM * 1.5CM
Service life: 999999 times
Color: lvory White, cool black, dark green

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