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IPL Laser Hair Removal R1092

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IPL Laser Hair Removal R1092

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Price Range: $2.99 – $16.99, Monthly Production: 100000000pcs

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Item No.


Product Name

IPL Laser Hair Removal




Green, White


Quartz tube



Intensity levels

5 levels

Flash Mode

Automatic, Manual


48W, 4A, DC12V







Device Size


Colorbox Size




Five gears can be adjusted
Select the gear according to your
skin color

According to the principle of IPL technology,
the darker the skin color, the bigger the gear selection


Restore Smooth Skin In 2 Months
Gentle and[Painless
Permanently Effective

High Quality IPL Hair Removal Device

IPL Technology
990,000 Times Flash
Skin Rejuvenation & Hair Remover

Enjoy Painless Hair Removal
In Your Home

High Quality IPL
Hair Removal Device

Intense Pulse
Light Wave

5 Energy
Adjustable Gears

Auto & Manual
Flash Mode

Using Steps

1. Wet and lather the hair,
and shave off the surface
of the skin

2. Connect the product power

3. L ong press 2 seconds
to start the machine,
short press to adjust the
appropriate gear

4. Wear professional
goggles,and use the product
to flash the skin

5. Long press the big
square key to switch
between manual
and automatic modes

6. The flash head should
be applied at a 90-degree
vertical Angle to the skin

Get Silky Skin Only Need 4 Weeks

1. Use 3-4 times a week
The 1-2 week

2. Use 1-2 times a week
The 3- 4 week

3. Use once every
15 -30 days
Four weeks later

IPL Hair Removal

5 Energy Adjustable Gears

990,000 Times Flash Energy

Source Manufacturer Large Stock OEM ODM Customize

Product Detail

1. Residual number of flashes

2. Gear

3. Manual Flash/Auto Flash

4. Fan

5. Power Switch/Gear Switch

6.Power Port


IPL Hair Removal

Gift: Goggles + Scraper

Source Manufacturer     High-quality Assurance
OEM ODM Customize

1. Power port

2. Light outlet

3. Display screen


5 Energy Adjustable Gears

The higher the gear, the greater the pulse intensity

When using for the first time,
It’s recommended to start from the first gear

Powerful Hair Removal
Suitable for Whole Body !

IPL Hair Removal

990,000 Times Flash Energy

5 Energy Adjustable Gears

Source Manufacturer     High-quality Assurance
OEM/ODM Customize

990,000 Times Flash Energy

Accurate remaining times displayed on the LCD screen
The number of flash firings is never false,
Effective for hair removal, reject repeated hair removal

Auto & Manual Flash Mode
Accurately select the flash mode
for the skin condition

Manual mode

Press manually to emit a flash
Suitable for sensitive areas
such as lips, face,
underarms, bikinis, etc.

Automatic mode

Automatic continuous flash
Suitable for arms, legs, back,
chest and other parts

Multi-frequency Strong Intense Pulsed Light

Direct to The Hair Follicle, Inhibit Hair Regeneration

990,000 times of effective pulsed light waves
accurately hit the root of hair follicles,Can meet the
needs of whole body hair removal and bid
farewell to repeated hair removal.

Multiple Parts of The Body Hair Removal

Take off the whole body hair quickly in 10 minutes

1 min. Lip hair

2 min. Armpit hair

3 min. Arm hair

1 min. Facial hair

2 min. Bikini line

2 min.Leg hair

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