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IPL Hair Removal Handset R1061

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IPL Hair Removal Handset R1061

Price Range: $2.99 – $18.92, Monthly Production: 100000000pcs

Additional information

Item No.


Product Name

IPL Laser Hair Removal




Dark Green, Light Green, White


Quartz tube



Intensity levels

5 levels

Flash Mode

Automatic, Manual


36W, 3A, DC12V




0.59 KG


0.59 KG

Colorbox Size




Painless depilation silky smooth muscle
Easy white degree

IPL photon depilator

Net at youth
More comfortable


lce gem medical beauty lamp holder
Full screen ice feels more comfortable

Strong cold light depilation
Take away the heat without harming the skin

Continuous/single flash
A key switch

99 rounds
Whole body hair removal is available

Five levels
Different positions and different gears

Small and portable
A long lift is a must at home

Turn on the home depilator
The new change

IPL photon depilator

Compared to traditional hair removal
We are more professional

+ From South Korea medical beauty grade hair
removal technology

Slow growth
No recurrent gross for 8 weeks

Hair removal principle: upgrade pulse light, accurately
illuminate hair follicle melanin from the root to delay hair
growth, according to the growth cycle irradiation to achieve
smooth and non-repeated effect

Use 1 to 2 weeks
(3 times per week)
Hair grows slowly
Over 75% reduction

Use the 3-4 weeks
(2 times per week)
Fine hair, hidden pores
The body is smooth

Use4 to 8 weeks
(Half a month/once a month)
Selective use
No need for repeated depilation

* The data are from our company’s experimental statistics, and the actual effects
vary from person to person.According to the normal growth cycle of hair, mild hair will
take effect after 2 weeks, and moderate and severe hair will take effect after 4 to 8 weeks.

L et you know more
My hair removal principle

PL pulsed light ACTS directly on the hair follicle.
The light energy is absorbed by the melanin in the
hair follicle, resulting in a momentary high temperature
that causes the hair follicle to shrink, thus achieving the
effect of long term hair cleaning.

Inhibiting hair growth

Hair follicles absorb light energy
Causes hair follicle atrophy

Pulsed light penetration
The epidermis reaches the hair follicle

Upgrade 5 power adjustment
More care for you

Can be adjusted according to different parts, so that multiple
parts of the body can be easily used

For the first time, it is recommended to test from level 1. The higher the gear,
the more obvious the effect will be. Please choose according to your own skin.

Intelligent skin Color detection
Depilation is sater

When operating, according to the flash flash to choose the
gear of his skin color only when the skinhead and the skin
into 90° tight fit, can successfully stimulate.

Basic skin color
control card

Tip: The area of the skin with tattoos, spots and moles is relatively large,
should not be used if 24 hours later
Use this product only when there is no abnormal appearance of the skin

990,000 valid rounds
One depilator for life

Adopt medical beauty lamp tube, through the test: this product
contains 990,000 effective hair number, can be used for a long time
for hair exuberant person.

990000 Time/number

Liquid crystal display (LCD) Number of visiblelight

8 min
Take off the whole body!
Enjoy a smooth net

0.5s/ continuous flash of light, spa-level hair removal experience,
SO that happiness will last throughout the summer

Simple operation
Home can be beautiful

1. Lather the hair before shaving
the surface of the skin

* The blade is sharp to prevent
dry scraping

2. Connect the power cord
Put through power supply

3. Long press 2 seconds to
start the machine
Short press the adjusting gear

The gears are selected according
to the color card
Applicable to individual tap for operation

4. Wear complimentary
items when operating
Professional goggles
protect your eyes

5. Long press 2 seconds to switch
Manual/automatic mode

* Automatically ADAPTS to

large areas of depilation  Manually apply to small areas of depilation

6. The lamp cap is perpendicular
to the skin at 90°
Manual flash/automatic
flash use

Completely free

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