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Ice Cooling IPL Laser Hair Removal R1713

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Ice Cooling IPL Laser Hair Removal R1713

Cooling IPL Hair Removal

Price Range: $2.99 – $30.93, Monthly Production: 100000000pcs

Additional information

Item No.


Product Name

IPL Laser Hair Removal




Green, Pink, White


Quartz tube, Sapphire Ice Freezing



Intensity levels

5 levels

Flash Mode

Automatic, Manual


48W, 4A, DC12V







Device Size


Colorbox Size




Home ordinary freezing point IPL hair removal instrument

Say goodbye to “kiwi fruit” easilyEnjoy silky smooth skin

Icy hair removal, gentle and painless
Medical beauty level●Bikini/lip available

Comprehensive upgrade for effective
hair removalPainless and beautiful
“super power”

*Detailed data comes from Willek’s own laboratory, hair
removal effect varies from person to person

Beauty is justice Design carefully
to match your unique aesthetic

Protect your beauty with professionalism
Painless hair removal and skin
rejuvenation at home

Freezing point hair removal black technology is more effective and comfortable,
powerful and accurate, safe and not harmful to the skin.

Freezing point painless
hair removal

Originated from medical aesthetics*
IPL painless hair removal technology*

IPL hair removal technology is a kind of strong pulsed light with a special wavelength, powerful and
precise, directHair fllicles, inhibit hair growth, are safe and do not damage the skin, and achieve
medical aestheticsThe hair removal device can be used for home use, and you can enjoy
the same hair removal effect in a beauty salon at home.

Home experience cost- effective
Painless hair removal

Large beauty hair
removal device

Can only go to the
beauty salon
Spend time and energy, only
in beauty Depilation in the

Same effect for hair
Energy: up to 3.5J/cm2
Wavelength: 530-1100nm

High cost of hair removal
At least a few hundred yuan each
time, long term accumulation
The cost is high.

Home freezing point hair
removal instrument

Anywhere in the home
The hair removal scene is random
and unrestricted,It can be used in
any place.

Same effect for hair
Energy: up to 3.5J/cm2
Wavelength: 530 1 100nm

Hair removal cost less
than 1 yuan
Affordable price, high cost
performance for hair removal

360° ice sensation surrounds
the pain and does not
reduce the effect

Synchronous ice removal, local cooling to 10° C, prevents
skin burns, and shrinks pores

5 levels of energy intensity
adjustmentChoose different
gears for the area

Truly select the hair removal area and the strength of the
gear, effectively targetingHair removal in every part.

*For the first use, it is recommended to gradually adapt from the first
gear and increase the gears.

Light out in 0.5 seconds, take off the
whole body in 8 minutes

Take care of the whole body, say goodbye to embarrassment,
experience silky white and tender skin so easily

4 weeks of continuous
use The hair removal
effect is obvious

The effect is visible, say
goodbye to repeated

hair removalContinue to use for one year up to 93% of the
whole body hair cleaning effect

Underarm effect comparison
no repeated root removal, no black spots

Arm effect comparison
Thoroughly remove, get smooth and beautiful skin

Lip hair effect comparison
Gentle without hurting your skin, whiten your delicate face

*Detailed data comes from Willek’s own laboratory, hair
removal effect varies from person to person

Manual light emission
& automatic light emission

The two modes act differently on various parts of the body, switch
each other, the hair removal is more precise and in place

Automatic mode
L _arge area flashes light

Suitable for thighs, arms, back

Manual mode
Single flashing light in a small area

Suitable for sensitive areas such as underarms, lip hair, face,
bikini, etc.

900,500 real and effective
I can’t use it up

900,500 flashes can be used for whole body hair removal
for many people.l et you get rid of your hair freely
without feeling distressed.

*Usually, 15W hair is enough for long; term use by people with strong hair.

Hair removal

One machine to get silky
smooth and white skin

The energy of 590nm amber red light can effectively helpcollagen
to regenerate and repair Protect the damaged barrierand
do a full-body SPA after hair removal to solve The skinfs
dul. Using the principle of photon rejuvenation,
scientifically improve the skin
Skin problem

Meet the silky beauty

Remove the hair
Keep skin clean and dry

Wear goggles, connect the
power adapter, press and
hold the power button
to turn on

Adjust the appropriate
mode and gear

Put the product close to the skin
vertically, press the power
button shortly to start
light hair removal

Light green


Product parameter

product name

Ordinary freezing point IPL hair
removal instrument

Freezing point selection

Manual freezing point

Product stalls

Two modes / 5 gears

power input


Product color

Pure white/pink/light green

Number of flashes

900 500 rounds

Product power


Cleaning method

Wipe with dry glasses

cloth after use

Completely free

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