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IPL Laser Hair Removal R10H5

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IPL Laser Hair Removal R10H5

IPL+ RF/Digital display

Price Range: $2.99 – $35.29, Monthly Production: 100000000pcs

Additional information

Item No.


Product Name

IPL Laser Hair Removal




Black, Pink, White


Quartz tube



Intensity levels

5 levels

Flash Mode

Automatic, Manual


2.5A, 36W, DC12V







Device Size


Colorbox Size


Carton Size




Small and Portable,
Beauty as the name implies

Age of Appearance Level,Hair Removal say good bye to Large and Clumsy.

Only 209 g in weight

More Colors




Product Display Drawing

Can be customized logo



Easy to operate,Safety to Save Time. Make Silky smooth skin.


1.Please check the instruction carefully, Remove surface hair 1-2 days before you use.

2、Clean the lamp and connect the Power Adapter.

3. pessthe switch and turmonthe 1 gear enerBy levelfor frst time use.

4、Place the device vertically on your skin and

make sure that device touches the skin adequately.

5、Aim at the hair and press flash once, long press flash continuously.

6、After finish using, apply some body lotion or aloe veragel

to help the subsequent absorption of skin care products.


1x Protective Glasses

1x IPL Laser

1x Charging Cable


Please see the user manual for detail


Q1: When I place the device on the skin, why the device does not release a flash?

A1: Please make sure the device is at a 90 degrees angle

on the skin so that the sensor behind of the contact surface can detect your skin.


Q2: Why the device produces a strange smell?

A2: Either the light exit window is dirty or your body hairs were not

completely shaved so the burned hairs produced the strange smell.


Q3: Why my skin reaction after treatment lasts longer than usual?

A3: You may have used a light intensity

setting that’s too high for your skin type.


Q4: I don’t see a significant results after the treatment, why?

A4: You may have used a light intensity setting that too slow

for your skin type. Or you respond more slowly to IPL treatment.


Q5: Why the device/adapter becomes heat up during using?

A5: This is normal. The device produces large energe

when it emits lighting which causes the device to warm up.

IPL Painless Intense Plused Light Hair Removal

Painless Hair Removal Safe


The pulsed light only works on the hair fllicle,

and the IPL light wavelength is between 550nm-1200nm

Through the filter of the IPL pulsed light hair,

the hair fllicle is completely depilated.


A variety of modes  Arbitrary switching

For hair boot, not easy to repeat

Integrated safety system Protect skin safety

Do you still use traditional hair removal?


Easy to scratch and more rough


Easy to scratch and damage the skin

Depilatory Cream

Skin allergic to chemical residues

Beauty Salon

A high charge for a long course of treatment

Integrated Security ldentification System

skin Color Recognition Protection Device


The pulsed light only works on the hair fllicle,

and the IPL light wavelength is between 550nm- 1200nm.

Through the filter of the IPL pulsed light hair,

the hair follicle is completely depilated.

The pulsed light only works on the black hair

without damaging the skin tssue.


Integrated Safety System

IPL PulsedLight

IThe Epidermis Layer

The Dermis

Hair Follicles

Intense Pulsed Light Inhibit Hair growth from the root

Precise irradiation of melanin in the hair follicle,

delaying hair growth from the root, irradiation according to the growth cycle,

to achieve silky and irreversible effect


Hair Removal l and Skin Rejuvenation Two in One


Smoelen ATSoh poceri acon
after the skin, so
that the clan fiber and lastic
aere derna aye poduce he henial
cnane of mlcelar trucure rsoehre
original lstct At the same tmete
photothermal fet produced byi
it can
penace the uncton of lo vselsas
inpirie the ciuario. a5 to limiane
wrinkles and reduce pores.


Press and hold◎)and。together for 2 seconds to switch

function between hair removal and skin rejuvenation.

Hair Removing Mode

Skin Rejuvenation Mode

8 gear energy levels setting

Effective for different skin and hair colors


The higher the gear.the bigger the energy.

the more complete the depilation.

For first time use.We advise adjust from 1 add slowly upward .

The skin color that chooses to fit for oneself shirts a standrad.


 300,000 ttimes, Super long service life


Super Long life time,built in high effciency chip,

which can use more than 10,000 hours.


Clean and smooth for 8 weeks lasting depilation


8 weeks hair growth was significantly reduced.

It only takes 8 weeks to experience silky skin


First Month

Suggest 4-6 times

Second Month

Suggest 2-3 times

Third Month

Suggest 1-2 times

Fourth Month

Suggest 1 time 1 month


1.For vigorous hair ,we suggest to use 6 weeks for first month,

five days/time.ltis recommended to use the hair removal 4 times in the first month

for normal hair and take it off once a week.

You will see some hair is still growing althoug after first time use.

Because hair loss can take 1-2 weeks.

After the two or third times use, you will see a noticeable decrease in hair growth.


2.The second month depilate 2-3 times,

Where the device was used to remove hair,

you can see a more significant reduction in hair growth.

You can also see a significant decrease in hair density.


3.The 3rd month depilate 1-2 times.


4.Later every month depilate one time,

maintain half a year can achieve permanent depilation effect.

10 mins Full Body Hair Removal the

Whole Body Depilate Without Dead Angle


Special radian design is selected to

truly reach 360° without dead Angle,

applicable to the body, face and

sensitive areas respectively.

Specific include: arm, leg, lip, face, armpit, bikini.


Note: About 10 minutes of rapid body hair removal

Above time is the approximate time,just for reference. Actual use time is subject to personal use only.

The data are from laboratory tests and the actual depilation results vary from person to person.

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