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A Chinese Tell You The 7 Tricks For Purchasing In China

A Chinese Tell You The 7 Tricks For Purchasing In China

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There is an old saying in China that is called “Often walking by the river, and there are not shoes that are not wet.” The meaning is that even if you do business with Chinese factories all the year round and have more experience in importing from China, or you say “I am an expert of China”, but you are still tricked. Because we Chinese people purchase something in China, we are likely to be tricked.

When the salesperson of the factory said: “We really have no profit, the raw material price raised when we give this quotation, there is no profit.” He will talk to you about the cost and talk about no money to earn.

In fact, this is the factory’s external marketing or communication strategy. This strategy will slowly affect your subconscious mind and affect some of your decision-making on suppliers. For example, in the choice of design option, the choice will tend to a solution that is conducive to supplier cost reduction because the factory says that this solution is the easiest to save the cost of molding. You think that a good design should consider the solution, and in fact, whether the most cost-effective solution is or not the best solution, it is not known.

The factory’s tricks have set a lot of traps for you, and when you fall into the trap, you will thank the factory instead.

So at this time, you must have a clear goal and position.

When you are in contact with the factory, both parties are given different roles and tasks, which represent the interests of the company. All positions are from the perspective of the company, and this is the most important. The so-called position determines success or failure. Many people are defeated by the factory when your positions are not firm, so you must know what your position is. The achievement of this position stems from the result of the publicity of the company’s values, not the position that it considers being taken for granted because it is very likely that the position that it takes for granted is to stand on the position of the factory.

As your Chinese friend, an upright salesperson, I must tell you these 7 tricks I just summarized.

Trick #1. The factory recognizes his deficiencies and shows you in a sincere tone to treat people with sincerity and work hard.

To tell the truth, it is not our company advantage, we don’t want to be lying like other companies. BUT if you have demand, we can also do it.

How about it? Very sincere, it is a sincere attitude to be able to show the chicken ribs. But please pay attention to the “BUT“, the real subtext of this is: If we get this order, we are not sure if we can do well.

3 Reasons:

  • The experience that suppliers are not good at will be less, and it will be difficult to do.
  • The business that the supplier does not pay attention to is facing enough resources of the company’s resources department to mobilize the potential problems and affect the progress of the project. We have also encountered situations in which the entire department of the supplier has been cut and no responsible person can be found.
  • You can ask more questions, “If you can also pick up this order, do you do it yourself or do it to a third party?” If it is handed over to a third party, there is a problem of double the cost of communication.

Trick #2. Demonstrate strong strength and enumerate many well-known customer cases made by the company.

Most of the salesperson will come up with the best cases the company has done, such as the iPhone is what they do. However, after touching a few families, everyone said that the iPhone is what they do. Now, you need to be long-sighted. Ask a few more words, “Which project do you do for the iPhone? Is it only your company or a few companies? What are you responsible for in the project? How much time have you spent in total?” You can generally understand this supplier after a few questions.

Trick #3. The factory will commit to specific workflows and specific points in time at the beginning of the negotiations.

But when the time is up, there are all kinds of reasons for the factory to say that they can’t give you workflows. The rest is only your anger and helplessness, complaining to the higher level of the factory, and then waiting for the factory to promise you new time again. So you should do this:

  • Do a rhythmic tracking with the factory and let the factory know that I will always be concerned about the process. Don’t wait until that time to track, and wait for your results to have only one, not completed.
  • Any conclusions with the factory must be recorded, and the factory must sign and confirm that the records are archived at both parties.

Trick #4. When the factory mentions any problems related to cost and exchange rate (collectively referred to as money),

You should immediately stop and explain to the supplier that it is nothing to do with me for whether you can make a profit or not. It is your own business. There is no relationship with the things that we talk about now and the business, and I don’t want to hear any questions about money in the future.

Trick #5. When the factory says “Customer is God“,

You must look out. This is the biggest lie in the factory. It will make you useless. You can jokingly say: “God is also fooled.”

Trick #6. When the factory mentions a win-win situation,

Don’t think that it will not pursue the interests or give up the benefits. The premise of a win-win situation is to maximize the interests of both parties.

Trick #7. Be cautious about the “warmth” that the factory gives you.

It is very likely that you will become a frog in warm water and lose your vigilance. The factory’s warmth to you is entirely out of business etiquette. When he calls you “Engineer”, don’t think that you are an engineer. This is very important. You are formulating a strategy for the factory and the factory is also working on tricks for you.

The factory’s tricks are hard to defend, the most effective strategy is to make the factory become “YOUR PERSON“. First, you must let the factory appreciate you, especially when the factory makes mistakes. You said in front of him: Knowing your difficulties and difficulties, I have done a lot of internal efforts and tried my best to minimize the punishment for you.

Because there are so many tricks in Chinese factories, more and more customers are willing to set up a purchasing department or hire someone to be responsible for purchasing in China.

Shara Lam

Shara Lam

Shara Lam, co-founder and marketing director of DSeeBeauty, has been working in the beauty and skincare electronic device industry since 2011. With over 11 years of extensive product experience in home hair removal devices and other beauty and skincare devices, plus many years of experience in cooperating with purchasing companies in various countries, I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge in China sourcing, import & export and e-commerce. I want to share these values to help more people who want to source from China.

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