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Don’t Be Fooled By Sales In China, Our Company Never Self-Boasting

Don’t Be Fooled By Sales In China, Our Company Never Self-Boasting

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This story is about our colleague, Micheal. His job is after-sales

One day after the Spring Festival in 2018, Micheal did not take care of his wife for an hour and resolutely boarded the plane to Canada.

Our company was notified that it had to call someone to Canada to deal with the problem of air-filling machine failure. On the day of receiving the Canadian client’s call, Micheal’s wife had a broken hand in a car accident and must stay in bed. At that time, Micheal, who was responsible for the after-sales service of the air-filling machine, had just returned from the UK and had a three-month after-sales service in the UK. He did not even go home during the Spring Festival. He wanted to rest at home for a few days and make a husband and the responsibility of the father.

Looking at his wife’s expectation, facing the status quo of unattended family care, Micheal has a good reason to push this task to take care of his wife, and everyone can understand it. But the reality is in front of me, and it is light and heavy. Micheal did not hesitate, silently arranged his wife to take care of the problem and his son’s meal problem, and set off.

Upon arriving at the scene, he immediately analyzed the reasons with the colleagues from the technical department who went to the same place and found the problem for the guests through sufficient experimental data. The original cause of the malfunction was caused by a small part of the machine. These machines have been working for 8 years. Every day, a large number of buffer membranes must be inflated, and it is impossible to wait for the factory to send spare parts for repair. Looking at the customer’s anxious eyes, he decided to discuss with his colleagues how to repair this gadget. He not only finds the direction for the customer to solve the problem, but also avoids the customer’s judgment mistakes and avoid to delays more time, reduces the customer’s economic loss, and enhances the customer’s trust in ISEE Packaging.

“With my heart to bring comfort to customers?” Micheal always said.

Micheal is explaining the 24/7 service with action.

Shara Lam

Shara Lam

Shara Lam, co-founder and marketing director of DSeeBeauty, has been working in the beauty and skincare electronic device industry since 2011. With over 11 years of extensive product experience in home hair removal devices and other beauty and skincare devices, plus many years of experience in cooperating with purchasing companies in various countries, I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge in China sourcing, import & export and e-commerce. I want to share these values to help more people who want to source from China.

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